What is CVHA?

CVHA (Cole Valley Haight Allies) is a group of neighbors in the Cole Valley and Haight neighborhoods who support efforts to imrpove the lives of our unhoused and low-income neighbors, such as the development of affordable housing, safe sleeping sites and shelters.

Does CVHA accept donations?

In-kind donations:

In general, the 730 Stanyan site accepts clean causl clothes, sneakers, new/unused socks/underwear, and cloth masks. CVHA also generally accepts first aid kits, baby wipes, packs of water bottles, gatorade, snack bars, dog food, backpacks, suitcases, sleeping bags and tents. Please do not show up at 730 Stanyan without clearing it with CVHA first. You can do that by reaching out over email.

Monetary donations:

Though we previously accepted money via PayPal to make grocery runs to distribute to unhoused people in the neighborhood, we now only encourage donations directly to other advocacy orgs. Some recommendations include Homeless Youth Alliance (the operators of CAMP) or Coalition on Homelessness. We also encourage you to donate to SF Neighbors Solidarity Fund, SF Community Fridge, Street Medic Couper, and DSA SF’s #HotelsNotHospitals Fund.

Can I volunteer with CVHA?

We help with a handful of initiatives which can use volunteers:

  • CVHA volunteers deliver hot meals to unhoused San Franciscans every night. We currently have people scheduled for each day of the week, but are always in need of people to fill-in when others cannot make it. The meals are picked up at 730 Stanyan at 5:30pm. To sign up, email us.
  • CVHA is currently partnering with a mutual aid coalition of groups called the Common Humanity Collective to manufacture and distribute FREE hand sanitizer, face masks, and disinfectant wipes for unhoused people in San Francisco. With the help of Supervisor Preston’s staff, CHC is running a D5 operation out of Redemption Church on Divisadero & McAllister. If you’re interested in getting involved, email us. More info here
  • CVHA volunteers prepare and deliver a home cooked dinner to 730 Stanyan every other Tuesday. To join the 730 Feast Team, email us. Feel free to also email us if you’re interested in contributing funds or ingredients towards these dinners.
  • CVHA volunteers buy and drop off groceries to our unhoused neighbors every weekend. If you’re interested in handling a grocery run and/or donating groceries, email us.

What is the Safe Sleeping site at 730 Stanyan? Why does CVHA support it?

Check out our 730 Stanyan FAQ page for answers to all questions about the site!

Has the CVHA recommend boycotting local businesses?

No. The CVHA has not called for any boycotts nor signed on in support of any boycotts. There have been calls for boycotting some of the businesses involved by some in the neighborhood, but these calls did not come from CVHA, nor from its leadership. CVHA urges people to take caution before calling for such a boycott. Some businesses were not fully informed at first and have changed their stance towards the safe sleeping site. Additionally, at least one business was falsely attributed with an opinion on the safe sleeping site without their consent or knowledge.

What can I do to help?

Email us at — we’d love to have your support!

Join our FaceBook group: CVHA — Cole Valley/Haight Allies of our Unhoused Neighbors

Follow us on Twitter: @CVH_Allies

Donate to site operators Homeless Youth Alliance

Please feel free to share this with your family, friends, neighbors, or anyone else who may be interested in building a safe and equitable community for all.