Cole Valley Haight Allies

Residents of Cole Valley and Haight supporting a just and equitable neighborhood for all neighbors.

Who We Are

We are Cole Valley and Haight residents and business owners who advocate for an equitable neighborhood for all. We are in support of low-income housing and other initiatives that address income inequality in San Francisco. We initially coalesced around supporting the Safe Sleeping site at 730 Stanyan. Our broader goal is to have a neighborhood that is safe and humane for all residents, housed and unhoused.

Harm Reduction
We support practical solutions that provide relief for unhoused residents such as the development of safe sleeping sites and shelters.

Systemic Change
We support policies that divest from the policing of unhoused residents and invest in sustainable solutions that seek to address the systemic neglect and oppression of unhoused residents throughout San Francisco.

Mutual Aid
We offer our time and resources to help improve the conditions for unhoused residents and work towards other issues of equity in the neighborhood.

What else is CVHA involved with?

We welcome input and contribution from all of our members, so please feel free to suggest projects or ideas in our Facebook group or email us at! We value neighborliness, community, action, and accountability. We strive to be inclusive of neighbors who may have different opinions in an effort to find common ground for solutions that work for all neighbors - housed and unhoused.